The Mavericks

“ The world has too much strife, racial and social divides being fed 24/7; it’s non-stop. It turns normal, loving people into brainwashed
zombies who can’t come together. Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me, but I’d like to make a place where all people can come together. ”
- Mavericks Founder & Lead Vocalist Raul Malo

It sounds like lofty “hippie speak,” something the GRAMMY winner jokes about, but Raul Malo, the son of Cuban immigrants, and his musical
comrades believe in bringing people together often in the name of good times and great music which is the most universal language of all.
“One of the things we love about our shows is we get all walks of life, all ages, all colors, all politics, all genders, all religions,” Mavericks front
man Malo states.

From their earliest shows as a garage band playing the punk clubs on Miami Beach, The Mavericks have had a skill for getting people to
groove. Drawing on a mix of classic country, cow-punk and standards, Malo and company left South Florida, bringing their rhythmic fervor and
Latin machismo, along with Malo’s lush baritone, to the world.

With the recent release of MONO, The Mavericks find themselves making the most relevant music of their career. “ The experience of making
this record was quite unique. We had the luxury of a very finely tuned band and the energy from the last two years of touring under our belts.
We all believed that it was going to be special and I think we would all agree that, our record MONO best represents what our band does live, ”
expresses guitarist Eddie Perez. While in the studio recording the new album, the band realized that their songs required a different approach.
They felt drawn toward the idea of creating an album that shines through its songwriting and instrumentation in a singular mindset without
relying on stereo tricks of modern recording So the idea of recording in mono was born.

We would go into the studio around noon and listen to vinyl records for some extra inspiration. At some point, someone noted that almost
all of the recordings we were listening to were mixed in mono. Our producer Niko Bolas said, off-the-cuff, ‘we should mix this record in mono.’
And we thought, we can’t get away with that – so of course ... we had to.” Longtime keyboardist Jerry Dale McFadden adds, “Most of these songs
were recorded live in the studio with very little overdubbing.

With MONO , the band embraces cultural and musical diversity. Malo’s songwriting builds on the compositional craftsmanship of earlytwentieth-
century musical elegance yet demonstrates his skill for writing music that is progressive and timeless. It’s hard to write a very
simple, catchy song, but Raul has always had a knack for that. It’s why recording the album in mono actually works. Only a great song can
stand tall in a single channel mix, not dressed up with all kinds of bells and whistles that a stereo mix would have. It’s really why this record
works in mono so well. Not many acts could pull that off. Not many would even try, is my guess. ” “ When we went in to record this record, we
were very resolved: we’d been through the time on the road, making the last album, living together as friends and as a band...We have nothing
to lose, and only the music to gain,” says Malo.

The Mavericks:

  • RAUL MALO - Lead Vocals, Electric + Acoustic Guitars, Piano & Percussion
  • PAUL DEAKIN - Drums, Percussion & Marimba
  • EDDIE PEREZ - Electric & Acoustic Guitars
  • JERRY DALE McFADDEN - Piano, Organ & Celeste

Friday June 9th - 9:45 pm - National Grid Main Stage